Data protection and archiving provided by StorEasy is based on a network of Tier IV certified Data Centers.

Data protection and archiving provided by StorEasy is based on a network of Tier IV certified Data Centers. The Data Centers ensure complete interoperability to move and balance workloads in order to guarantee maximum safety and constant performance over time. The Data Centers are located in Italy (Milan, Padua, Bologna and Rome).
TIER IV Standard – Fault Tolerant.
ISO 27001 certification (logical, physical and organizational security requirements of an information security management system).
StorEasy guarantee high availability of the service both during maintenance operations and for failures thanks to the implementation of multiple and independent systems.
The Data Centers are connected to the main national and international carriers.
Control Room and technical and security personnel present 24 × 7 in all data centers.
The security measures at the physical level of the Data Centers include integrated video surveillance systems, perimeter intrusion sensors, bulletproof glass and an armed surveillance station present 7 days in 24h mode.
StorEasy Data Center

Storage infrastructure implement within StorEasy Data Centers

The StorEasy infrastructure is based on a highly resilient Storage architecture, designed specifically for data protection and storage capable of achieving a durability of 99.999999999%. All archived data is replicated at least three times, with the possibility of replication spread across multiple Data Centers.

The storage infrastructure is based on the Software Defined Storage HyperTier technology solution the allows to dynamically position data within the most appropriate storage tier in order to optimize access during data writing and reading. This innovative and powerful technology allows to drastically improve performance compared to traditional Cloud Storage services characterized by a single tier for storing and archiving data.

STOREASY HYPERTIER Infrastruttura Storage

StorEasy works with the major connectivity operators, in this way it is able to select the most suitable solution in terms of performance, safety, reliability and cost for its customers.