We help companies develop their cloud projects

The term cloud evokes an ethereal space, often used by marketing to bring to mind an intangible space located who knows where. For us though, the cloud is something very concrete and tangible, because our job is to integrate our client’s storage infrastructure inside our cloud.

Our clients are not just another network address to connect, or space to allocate in our cloud. At  StorEasy we know each individual client. We understand their core business, how they operate inside their IT infrastructure, which applications they use, which data they archive and how they protect it. Because at StorEasy we do not simply offer cloud space to our customers, we virtually extend their storage infrastructure to our cloud so that everything is transparent to applications and users.

Private Cloud

StorEasy’s Private Cloud solution is aimed at all firms that are thinking about the cloud as an avenue for development of their IT organizations, and who for a variety of reasons cannot use the Public Cloud.
We guarantee our support during the analysis, design and implementation phases, suggesting the ideal combination to meet your specific operating and business needs.
For us a private cloud means a separate and secure environment in which just one organization operates and offers the chance to implement Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using infrastructure resources, like archiving, calculation and network as services, or Platform as a Service (PaaS) to distribute the cloud-based applications.

hybrid cloud

Private Clouds can also be harmonized with Public Clouds to create a Hybrid Cloud which is able to exploit the extension.

At StorEasy we offer focused consulting on the cloud which uses lean and effective software tools that ensure rapid analysis of clients’ infrastructure and the multi-year experience of our consultants to identify costs, service levels and risks to recognize the real value of information to business in an organization.

StorEasy offers focused advice on choosing the ideal solution, retaining legacy systems where necessary, using the cloud where appropriate