Offering unified access to native support for Public Cloud platforms, we help firms build an easy-to-implement and manage multi-cloud strategy with just a few clicks.

A broad range of public cloud operators, infrastructures, services and applications offer contracts guaranteeing fixed service levels and periodic invoicing based on consumption. On the other hand firms have to navigate different proprietary programming interfaces (APIs), different service delivery methods and complicated tariff plans. What’s more, the majority of public cloud providers leave clients the job of integration, a complex business for the vast majority of companies who have to turn to external consultants to integrate the public cloud with their customers’ applications.

To overcome these costly barriers in terms of time, technical resources and expenditure, StorEasy has developed a multi-cloud offering aimed at all firms who wish to build public cloud data archiving and backup services into their business strategy.

Our multi-cloud service lets you use StorEasy’s cloud infrastructure as the entry point for the native integration of storage services offered by:
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM COS.


multi cloud storage

Our multi-cloud offering integrates seamlessly and without making changes to the applications or the way users operate thanks to specially developed application programming interface for the above cloud platforms. Our model dramatically simplifies integration between client’s infrastructure/applications and the cloud while retaining the benefits of each cloud provider in data archiving and backup.

Compliance and physical storage of data

For some storage services you can choose the country in which the data is physically stored, simplifying compliance with territorial requisites depending on specific business needs.

Independent advisor

StorEasy can act as an advisor to suggest the best combination of cost, service level and security for the field of application and operational need, leaving firms to decide the most appropriate archiving target to meet business demands, technical characteristics and prevailing standards (GDPR).
Meanwhile flexible interaction with the various public clouds gives customers complete freedom in regard to their technological choices and investments. Besides the technical side of integration with different public clouds, StorEasy also takes care of the accounting of services consumed by clients.

StorEasy offers next generation cloud storage that can significantly cut costs, raise efficiency and at the same time increase security. We deliver real and measurable competitive advantage to firms that are thinking about the cloud as an avenue for development of their IT organizations.