StorEasy offers a medical data archiving platform that integrates with the majority of commercially available PACS systems

StorEasy offers an image archiving solution with a DICOM-compatible interface. A flexible and secure archiving solution that ensures the integrity of archived information for very long periods, up to decades. The archive is much more economical than commonly used traditional storage technologies.

The archiving and information management services meet the most rigorous patient data storage and protection requirements. You can define and create multiple conservation periods for different data sets to meet the different compliance demands.
StorEasy offers the ideal data archiving platform for healthcare needs such as:

  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Electronic patient records (EPR)
  • Records management with digital signature
  • Interoperability of IT systems
  • Data and information security
  • ICT systems to support continuity of care

An economical archive for healthcare data that meets national standards and guidelines for the conservation of medical documents