Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a scalable cloud storage platform with enterprise-level security, for archiving, backup, and content/data sharing

Hitachi’s Object Storage technology is popular with customers for the high levels of data reliability and durability making it ideal for digital archiving in all formats: documents, projects, video, audio, records management, electronic billing, workflow, banking and financial applications, sensitive data storage and log files.
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StorEasy offers three types of Cloud Storage services for Hitachi’s HCP platform

1. Long-Term Archive

The first service performs writing/reading of data from existing on-premise infrastructures (Linux, Unix, Windows, NetApp) to an LTO / LTFS tape technology archive.

2. STaaS

The second performs writing / reading of data through the Cloud Gateway from existing on-premise infrastructures (Linux, Unix, Windows, NetApp) to the HCP platform installed in the StorEasy cloud to implement Storage as a Service.

3. DRaaS

The third performs writing / reading of data from on-premise infrastructures where an HCP system is already present, to a similar system installed within the StorEasy Cloud to implement Disaster Recovery as a Service.

StorEasy Cloud Gateway

The StorEasy Cloud Gateway can be installed at the customer’s site in just a few minutes and configured with a simple IP address, while integration with the Hitachi Object Storage cloud platform is seamless with the standard S3 protocol. The Gateway integrates with multiple operating systems and platforms.

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Aligning data to business needs and GDPR compliance

At StorEasy we offer a certified data storage and protection service in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – EU 2016/679 to help companies monitor their compliance with stringent GDPR regulations.
Simple policies make it possible to manage, migrate and archive files from existing infrastructures within the StorEasy Cloud.
Policies can include a combination of file properties, such as creation date, last access, content, file owner, size, format and last modification, and much more. The process of data migration to the HPC platform is completely transparent.

Write-Once Read-Many (WORM)

WORM technology archives data in a non-rewritable and non-erasable mode, so that recorded data can no longer be overwritten, modified and / or manipulated. The solution guarantees full compliance with the acquiescence requirements of the law. The WORM functionality is completely transparent to applications and users.

Data Analysis within the existing infrastructure

Today, more than ever, companies need measurable results, precise information on what to do and what not to do, concrete guidance based on clear and objective data. To identify rarely accessed or unaccessed information within the existing infrastructure, or data that must be archived for various reasons, the StorEasy Cloud Gateway solution performs an analysis of the storage infrastructure automatically and without impacting operation. In practice it conducts an assessment of the storage and existing servers very rapidly, generating detailed reports on the composition of the data stored in the legacy infrastructures.
StorEasy offers real and objective information to help firms decide which data to migrate and archive to the HCP platform in the cloud.

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For further technical and architectural information on the StorEasy's long-term archive infrastructure
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