Consulting services focused on cloud storage

Cloud storage promises greater flexibility and a significant cost reductions compared with traditional on-premise infrastructure. However, it is not always easy to choose between the numerous ideas and offerings on the market. It is clear that all companies today, regardless of size or industry, need information based on real and objective data to make investments, especially with regard to emerging and highly innovative technologies such as the cloud.

Unlike generalist cloud provider who handle a multitude of services, at StorEasy we focus exclusively on Cloud Storage, a specialization which allows us to recommend the best technology, solution and service based on direct day-to-day experience which few can offer. The result is a pragmatic approach to helping firms identify the technology and solution that best meets their specific needs. StorEasy offers focused consulting that recognizes the real value of information to support our clients’ business. Our services help you take informed decisions on what storage optimization strategy to adopt, what data to migrate, archive or even delete as obsolete.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Data analysis and classification
  • On-premise data consolidation and optimization
  • Migrating data from existing infrastructure to the cloud (public, hybrid and private cloud)
  • Massive migration of huge amounts of data to the cloud, even in the order of petabytes
  • Backup and restore optimization
  • Defining RPO & RTO – (BIA)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Private, public and hybrid cloud

Goals and benefits

  • Drastically cut costs of local storage infrastructure by archiving data which is either unused (50 to 80%) or which you choose to migrate to the cloud

  • Accelerate backup and restore times as static files (50 to 80%) are securely archived in the cloud and no longer need to be backed up

  • Significantly cut data restore times with much smaller quantities of data included in the backup process

  • Cut the cost of software licenses with dramatically reduced quantities of data included in the backup process

  • Reduce the need for on-premise storage of backup data (deduplication systems and tape libraries)

  • Reduce the management workload of technical staff for storage and backups

Choose the cloud solution that suits your needs: private, public or hybrid

For all firms that are thinking about the cloud as an avenue for development of their IT organizations, we offer focused advice on choosing the solution best suited to your needs, retaining legacy systems where necessary, using the cloud where appropriate. We guarantee our support during the analysis, design and implementation phases, suggesting the ideal combination to meet your specific operating and business needs.

At StorEasy we don't simply provide storage space for archiving and backup in the cloud. We offer much more, including expertise and specialist cloud storage consulting