A disaster recovery service which goes well beyond traditional business continuity security standards

A disaster recovery platform enables companies to react to unforeseen events which might threaten their IT infrastructure. Duplicating data in different geographic locations is the most secure way to ensure business continuity in the event of disaster. This requirement, which in some cases is also a regulatory constraint, forces companies to purchase and run not only additional costly storage infrastructure for a secondary site but also to sustain further operating costs (power, air conditioning, maintenance, upgrades and much else besides).

StorEasy’s response is a range of innovative Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, geographically redundant and providing easy data restore for companies who already have their own IT infrastructure and do not wish to set up another site for disaster recovery protection.
Data backup and replication, real time mirroring, encryption of files and digital signatures, are all an integral part of the StorEasy’s service offering to help clients create a highly secure disaster proof environment.
StorEasy offers a disaster recovery platform which goes well beyond traditional business continuity security and reliability of infrastructure. We also offer two further data protection services:

Data immutability
The files cannot be edited, altered or deleted for the entire retention period defined by policy.

3-2-1 Best practice
This involves making three copies of the data, one on a different storage technology, which is placed offline after writing is complete.

StorEasy Disaster Recovery as a Service

End-to-end encryption for data protection

To ensure maximum security when copying between the primary and secondary site the data is encrypted. This ensures that the data is not exposed during transmission, and once copied to the cloud, protection can be extended for its entire life cycle. The unencrypted information can only be seen by authorized users who have the access key.

State-of-the-art Disaster Recovery solutions that ensure business continuity in case of emergency