We guarantee business continuity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

StorEasy relies on an architecture that ensures service levels of 99.999999999% durability for archived data. Although the reliability of the cloud infrastructure is an indispensable element, our engineers have not stopped there. To ensure uninterrupted access to the cloud by on-premise infrastructure, even in the event of a fault, they have designed the Cloud Gateway High-Availability (HA) solution to guarantee 99.9999% operability, in practice only 5 minutes interruption a year, including unscheduled repairs, upgrades and routine maintenance!

Cloud Gateway High-Availability (HA)


cloud gateway HA

Reduced complexity and costs

StorEasy Cloud Gateway HA not only guarantees business continuity in the event of breakdown, but above all can dramatically reduce complexity and as a result purchase and operating costs (TCO) compared with traditional cluster technologies. These architectures require enormous investments in hardware, software licenses and multi-year maintenance contracts with several suppliers. Not to mention the complex management tasks by technical personnel of the various (multi-vendor) components that make up the cluster. In an industry in continual evolution, we have left this unwieldy model behind to offer our customers a next generation cluster solution that is simple to install, configure and manage.

All that Cloud Gateway HA needs to integrate with the existing infrastructure is a simple IP address in the LAN!
Traditional Cluster Architecture
StorEasy Cluster Architecture
cloud gateway HA
99.9999% availability
Cluster Architecture

The solution relies on an architecture based on two nodes that share the same BUS and storage inside a single chassis. Both nodes are active and in the event of breakdown the tasks are passed instantly from one node to the other. This advanced innovative cluster architecture uses an ASIC chip (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) developed specifically for this purpose.
All the components making up the cluster (on the chassis) are redundant: motherboard, processors, RAM memory, storage (RAID), network cards, power supply, system clock, cooling fan.

Continuous connectivity

With data archiving and backup processes high availability and resilience are fundamental. We believe the same attention should be paid to cloud connectivity for those applications where business continuity is indispensable.

StorEasy works with the biggest national and international connectivity operators, so we can choose the best solution in terms of operational reliability, performance, security and cost for our customers.
Besides the public internet connection, we have XDSL, Ethernet Line, GbE and Wireless connectivity, terminated directly on StorEasy backbones, allowing direct access to data center resources without going through the public internet. Each type of connectivity can be part of a specific VRF MPLS assigned to a customer to integrate different operators and technologies in a single MPLS cloud.
StorEasy directly manages the network operators and costs on behalf of the customer.

Next generation cloud storage services

StorEasy has done away with the old data archiving cloud service models – difficult to implement, and requiring proprietary APIs that represent technological and commercial lock-ins.

We make available innovative, next generation cloud storage that safeguards our customers’ information over time and without constraints, archiving data in its native format. We virtualize the cloud environment and turn it into an easy-to-access and manage NAS, without losing any of the benefits of the cloud. We offer a cloud storage platform that integrates seamlessly without making changes to the applications or the way users work by virtually extending our customers’ LAN to the cloud.

Files migrated in this way continue to appear locally, even when they are only present in the cloud. Whenever an application or a user requests a file migrated to the cloud, it appears in real time in its original position.

We offer the freedom to migrate and protect data guaranteeing 99.9999% availability not only in the StorEasy Cloud, but also in a multi-cloud context which includes: Microsoft Azure, IBM COS and Amazon AWS.

We deliver real and measurable competitive advantage to firms that are thinking about the cloud as an avenue for development of their IT organizations