Services for the migration of huge amounts of data to the cloud, even in the order of petabytes

Migrating high volumes to the cloud is no simple matter because the connection speed is an inevitable constraint, as can be seen from the table.
To overcome this limitation we offer the StorEasy Massive Data Migration (SMDM) service, an exclusive software technology that transfers unlimited quantities of data to the cloud simply, rapidly and securely. The data is physically transferred to the cloud and then aligned with the on-premise infrastructure much more quickly than by traditional migration.
1 Mbps10 Mbps100 Mbps1 Gbps10 Gbps
1 GB3 hours18 min2 min11 sec1 sec
10 GB30 hours3 hours18 min2 min11 sec
100 GB12 days30 hours3 hours18 min2 min
1 TB124 days12 days30 hours3 hours18 min
10 TB3 years124 days12 days30 hours3 hours
100 TB34 years3 years124 days12 days30 hours
1 PB340 years34 years3 years124 days12 days
10 PB3.404 years340 anni34 years3 years124 days
100 PB34.048 years3.404 years340 years34 years3 years

The most interesting and innovative aspect of this technique is the ability to keep the data physically migrated aligned with the on-premise infrastructure, so that the files continue to appear locally, even when present only in the cloud. Whenever an application or a user requests a file migrated to the cloud using this service, the file appears in real time in its original position completely transparently.

Proof of concept (POC) for the MDM solution

To find out how effective the MDM solution can be in practice, StorEasy offers a POC option with real data from your on-premise infrastructure.
The StorEasy migration service delivers outstanding competitive advantage by turning the purchase / operating costs of legacy storage infrastructure into a usage-based fee, migrating and archiving data from on-premise infrastructure to StorEasy’s secure and economical Cloud Storage.

AES encryption during data to cloud transport

StorEasy can apply encryption to all data migrated physically to the cloud during transport. The unencrypted information can only be seen by authorized users who have the access key.

We provide massive data migration to the cloud without any changes to the existing infrastructure, applications or to the way users work