StorEasy is exclusively focused on cloud storage


Discover our innovative Cloud Storage services and cost returns for your company in few minutes.

Dramatically cut your primary storage costs by offloading data to the cloud with StorEasy and still have immediate access to your archived data. Best of all, no user training or ongoing management is required.

StorEasy Data Center

Data protection and archiving provided by StorEasy is based on a network of Tier IV certified Data Centers.

archiviazione dati

We migrate and archive our customers’ data to the cloud depending on its effective value

Rapid assessments to gather clear and objective information on the composition of data

Sabotage proof data protection that goes well beyond market standards

storeasy academy

A Certified Partner channel for next generation cloud storage services

Specialist consulting to recommend the best technology, solution and service

The new generation Hybrid Cloud Storage platform for data protection

Next generation Cloud Storage services for data protection designed specifically for the era of big data and digitalization

  • We dramatically cut on-premise storage space and the associated costs through transparent migration of data from existing infrastructure to the cloud

  • We perceptibly optimize backup and restore times because we only backup the active data, archiving all the rest

  • We perform assessments to discover the real value of information to an organization

  • We manage the rapid and secure migration of huge amounts of data to the cloud, even in the order of petabytes, using exclusive technologies

  • We guarantee data protection that goes well beyond market standards, safeguarding data over its entire life cycle which can be up to decades

  • We guarantee archiving that is compliant with the strictest international and national standards for digital preservation and document management

  • We reveal costs, service levels and risks through specialist cloud storage consulting, using lean and effective software tools

  • We offer the choice to migrate and protect data either in our cloud, or with the Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Amazon AWS platforms

Multi-Platform Long-Term Archive Services
for data protection and archiving

Storeasy long term archive


Native integration within specific operational areas and applications

A dedicated video content cloud archiving service for all areas of the Media & Entertainment market that share a need for high storage capacity.

The ideal solution for firms who need to secure their video content at a fraction of the cost of the traditional storage systems.

Legal, accounting and administrative documents must be archived and retained for 10 years, others for much longer periods, sometimes indefinitely.

A platform that integrates natively with the leading PACS systems that produce DICOM-compatible images for immediate access.

We up the pace of innovation with exclusive services that significantly cut costs, raise efficiency and at the same time increase security. We deliver real and measurable competitive advantage to firms that thinking about the cloud as an avenue for development of their IT organizations

StorEasy proposes services that specifically ensure data archiving and protection compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation – UE 2016/679

In May 2018 the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.
GDPR imposes new rules on companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations or other entities that offer products and services to people who reside in the European Union or which collect and analyze data correlated with EU citizens. StorEasy offers a service that specifically ensures data archiving and protection in line with the General Data Protection Regulation – UE 2016/679.