Use good sense to dramatically reduce backup times, software licenses, storage and operating resources

Not everyone is aware that the vast majority of the time spent on data backup, is actually wasted saving inactive data, files which haven’t changed for months and sometimes even years! This waste of time and resources is hard to justify in economic terms. Asked why backup data which will not change for months or years, the answer is always the same: that’s what we’ve always done.

In addition, the client/server backup model conceived more than 25 years ago when storage size and capacity was completely different only adds further complexity and constraints to backup optimization in today’s overflowing data centers.

The time has come to leave behind illogical and costly working methods and turn to a more efficient multilevel method of backing up data

StorEasy’s solution lets you migrate and archive files that haven’t changed recently from the backup data set to the cloud, while continuing to regularly backup top tier files. This method dramatically reduces:
  • Backup windows, because only active data - files accessed or created recently - is included in the process

  • Data restore times, because the quantity of data backed up is much smaller

  • The cost of software licenses, because the quantity of data to be backed up is dramatically reduced

  • The need for backup storage space (deduplication systems and tape libraries)

  • The technical workload for backup and restore personnel

Today it is possible to dramatically reduce the time windows for backup and restore operations by classifying data and archiving all files which have not been accessed for long periods. In this way these files are not backed up unnecessarily, but archived safely in the cloud. Backups are only performed for recent information, accessed and of actual value to the company, where the period of time is determined by its life cycle. Later this data too is archived in the cloud to make room for new data.

We offer optimized cloud services for backups that classify, archive and save the data based on its real value for the enterprise