We extend clients' storage infrastructure virtually in the cloud

At StorEasy we don’t simply provide storage space for archiving and backup in the cloud.
We offer a completely new Cloud Storage Service that integrates smoothly with on-premise infrastructure without changing either the applications or the way users access them.
  • Our exclusive technology virtually integrates the customer’s LAN with the cloud.
  • Files migrated through this service continue to appear locally, even when they are only present in the cloud.
  • Whenever an application or a user requests a file migrated and archived in the StorEasy cloud, it appears in real time in its original position.

At StorEasy we have said goodbye to the clumsy old data archiving cloud service models that are tricky to implement, with confusing tariff plans that make costs hard to predict, not to mention the difficulty of using proprietary APIs to access the cloud, and the technological and commercial lock-ins.
Our next generation cloud storage platform for big data and digitalization offers our customers a way to protect and migrate unlimited quantities of data from on-premise storage infrastructure to the cloud that is simple, immediate and economical.

Cloud integration with virtual (VM) or physical Cloud Gateways

We provide next generation cloud storage services that can:

  • Virtualize the cloud environment and turn it into an easy to access and manage NAS, without losing any of the benefits of the cloud

  • Extend local infrastructure in the cloud using standard protocols (NFS, SMB, S3) and without making changes to existing infrastructure

  • Drastically cut costs of local storage infrastructure by archiving data which is either unused (50 to 80%) or which you choose to migrate to the cloud

  • Accelerate backup times since static files (50 to 80%) are securely archived in the cloud and no longer included in the backup process

  • Significantly cut data restore times with much smaller quantities of data included in the backup process

  • Cut the cost of software licenses with dramatically reduced quantities of data included in the backup process

  • Eliminate or drastically reduce backup storage systems (deduplication systems and tape libraries) in existing infrastructure

  • Significantly reduce the technical workload for the administration and management of storage and backup systems

We migrate and archive our customers' data to the cloud depending on its value

The explosion in non-structured data is the number one challenge in storage today. This is why our cloud storage service model cannot ignore one essential requirement: to align data value with business needs, because the value of information decreases significantly over time. All the market research finds that after its first year, more than 80% of the data stored is either never or rarely accessed in the future.

However unused data still requires:

  • Backup;
  • Migration to storage devices;
  • Handling by technical personnel.

Resulting in consumption of:

  • Power;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Space;
  • Incremental expansions.

Quantities of unused data on primary disks:

    • 3% accessed > 5 times3%

    • 7% accessed < 5 times7%

    • 10% accessed at least once10%

    • 80% never accessed in the last year80%
The vast majority of storage space is used for inactive data, files which do not change for months and sometimes even years. All this means a huge waste of resources and money, which is especially worrying for anyone on a tight IT budget and increasingly limited resources.

At StorEasy we help companies keep the exploding growth of data under control by automatically migrating static files, i.e., those not accessed for long periods, from on-premise storage infrastructure to the cloud. This dramatically cuts the costs of storage and management, at the same time significantly increasing data security by archiving with secure StorEasy Cloud Storage. Our cloud storage services not only let you transparently migrate data from existing infrastructure to the StorEasy Cloud, but also select which data to migrate, store or even delete depending on its real value.

Before buying another expensive storage system or further capacity upgrade, consult us. You might find you have no need at all!


• Undifferentiated handling of active and static data
• Growing costs and complexity
• Waste of storage resources, electricity, upgrades, cooling and consolidation


• Automatic migration and protection of static data on the cloud
• Drastic reduction in on-premise storage capacity and costs
• Optimized backup and restore of active data
• Granular archiving and restore, even for individual files
• Significant reduction in management activity

We align data with business needs

We dramatically reduce the costs of data storage and consolidation

As if everything we have said up till now about waste and inefficiency were not enough, this huge percentage of cold data is migrated repeatedly over the years to new and costly storage systems (RAID, NAS, Disk Array, AFA). We know the lifetime of these systems is around 4 to 5 years before they become obsolete, no longer supported by the manufacturers, or else the maintenance fees go up so much over time that the firm is forced to replace them.
As the stored data is migrated over and over again, it is easy to see how this inevitably leads to exorbitant costs, downtime and potential problems with storage consolidation. Such an approach is hard to justify in economic terms and workload, especially for a company on a tight IT budget with increasingly limited resources.

For all these reasons StorEasy has developed a range of storage services to help customers significantly limit such costly and inefficient practices that can also present a risk for data integrity.

Data analysis to discover the value of information archived in on-premise infrastructure

StorEasy provides detailed analysis of the composition of data in existing storage infrastructure.

Understanding the value of an organization’s data is the first step towards optimizing its storage infrastructure, dramatically reducing costs, maintenance resources and at the same time increasing efficiency and security. To identify all rarely accessed information, or which has to be archived for various reasons (regulatory compliance, legal documents, sensitive data), we offer data analysis assessment to furnish a clear and objective vision of the make-up of the data stored on existing infrastructure.
Our next generation cloud storage service not only provides fully transparent read/write operations from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, but can also migrate and archive data depending on its value. Such analysis allows you to take informed decisions about which data to migrate to the cloud or even delete from on-premise storage infrastructure according to its importance for the organization.

Last Access

The graphic highlights the stored files that are not used and their period of inactivity

Data type

The graphic shows the size of the files in the storage infrastructure

File size

The graphic shows the type of files in the storage infrastructure

Our cloud storage services not only let you transparently migrate data from existing infrastructure to the StorEasy Cloud, but also select which data to migrate, store or even delete depending on its real value.

End-to-end encryption for data protection

To ensure maximum security of data during migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud you can enable encryption. This can be unlimited on all migrated files, or just some types of files, users or groups of users, down to the individual file.

We give our customers an economical, flexible and secure cloud storage platform to migrate unlimited quantities of data from on-premise infrastructure to dramatically cut the costs of storage and management