Sabotage proof secure data archiving

Despite the enormous attention we pay to security when building our data centers and the reliability of our systems in general and storage in particular, we know from experience that a disaster recovery plan alone, even one planned down to the smallest detail, is not enough to guarantee 100% protection.

The news is full of cases of companies brought to a standstill by the inattention of technical staff, users accidentally overwriting important information or, worse still deleting whole archives by mistake, through to deliberate sabotage by ill-intentioned employees or, more recently, by cyber-attacks designed to render company data inaccessible. For all these reasons, while StorEasy provides an outstanding level of resilience for the data archived in its cloud, focus on systems security alone does nothing to eliminate the problems described above. It is not a question of technology or the reliability of the systems. Even if we had infinitely reliable devices, this would not eliminate the basic problem!

The real problem is the human sphere

As the data to right show unequivocally the percentage of IT disasters caused by human error, corruption of software and viruses amount to 51%, much higher than those caused by hardware faults.

Data Loss

    • 39% Hardware Faults39%

    • 27% Human Error27%

    • 11% Theft/Interference11%

    • 13% Computer Viruses13%

    • 7% Corruption of Software7%

    • 3% Other3%

Cause of disaster

    • 19% Power Cuts19%

    • 14% Fire14%

    • 12% Hardware Faults12%

    • 12% Human Error12%

    • 10% HW/SW Upgrades10%

    • 8% WAN/LAN Network Interruption8%


    • 8% Storms8%

    • 5% Power Surges5%

    • 5% Floods5%

    • 3% Other3%

    • 2% Earthquakes2%

    • 2% Explosions2%

There are numerous reasons why a company might face a business continuity failure. To safeguard archived data from any disaster, whether accidental or intentional, StorEasy offers an additional service which goes well beyond the market standard. Data immutability is an additional StorEasy service that uses an architecture specifically designed to meet these demands. The period of data immutability is defined in a policy agreed with the customer based on their specific operating and compliance needs. In this way the data cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, the owner of the data, a hacker, or by our own employees. In practice, whatever happens or whoever manages to get into your network, the data cannot be edited, altered or deleted for the entire period covered by your certificate of migration to the StorEasy Cloud.

End-to-end encryption for data protection

To ensure maximum security of data during migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud you can enable encryption. This can be unlimited on all migrated files, or just some types of files, users or groups of users, down to the individual file.

We guarantee the legal/regulatory safeguards on archived information against overwriting, deletion and interference through illicit activity or attacks by ransomware, malware, viruses, trojans and worms