Clear and objective information on the composition of data

Unlike many generalist cloud providers, StorEasy is focused exclusively on cloud storage. This is how we are able to help companies decide the best strategy for data protection, storage optimization and cost savings in this specific area.


Our analysis is supplemented by an extremely effective consulting model that comprises:
  • StorEasy methodologies tailored to specific vertical environments and business contexts to guarantee highly effective intervention

  • Software tools to automate and dramatically accelerate the gathering and assessment of data in the client's infrastructure

  • Consultants with specialist experience in Storage, Archiving, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Understanding the value of an organization’s data is the first step to optimizing its storage infrastructure because not all information is of equal importance. Using simple policies that include a range file properties, such as creation date, last access, file owner, size, format and last edit, you can migrate and archive files from on-premise storage infrastructure to the cloud.

Last Access

The graphic highlights the stored files that are not used and their period of inactivity

Data type

The graphic shows the size of the files in the storage infrastructure

File size

The graphic shows the type of files in the storage infrastructure

Assessment generates detailed reports on the composition of the data stored in legacy infrastructures. Real and objective information to help you make informed decisions on what data to migrate, archive or even delete as obsolete


Scanning of files in storage


Classification of files


Automatic migration of static data to the cloud

We deliver real and measurable competitive advantage thanks to clear and objective information on data composition