The media and entertainment industry comprises a variety of activities which share one common denominator, a high need for storage

StorEasy offers a dedicated archiving service for media & entertainment content. We provide the increasingly huge archive spaces that have become a necessity not just for the big film and digital content producers but for a broader market of industry participants.

For example, global demand is sustained for the higher resolutions used to produce 4K or Ultra HD images.
Then again you only need to enter one of the big consumer electronics chains to see shelves full of high definition devices, and that’s without mentioning 8K resolution which is becoming an increasingly common topic of conversation in the video market.

The creation and distribution of multimedia and entertainment content have been radically transformed in recent years. Rapid technological innovation in the digital world has given a huge boost to content creation and a transformation of the industry which is dramatically changing the way the content is moved, archived and distributed. In response, StorEasy offers a highly scalable and economical storage space that provides for rapid content retrieval.

The StorEasy Cloud integrates seamlessly with the majority of currently available Media Asset Management (MAM) systems including: Avid, CatDV, Dalet, Empress Digital, Sony, Vizrt and VSN.

StorEasy offers a dedicated service that delivers enormous savings on infrastructure storage, operating and management costs, as well as high level security and business continuity for archived content