Data Centers

StorEasy's Cloud Storage infrastructure relies on an resilient architecture purpose-designed for data archiving that ensures service levels of 99.999999999% durability for archived data

StorEasy’s data centers are located in Empoli and Milan, the latter linked to the Milan Internet Exchange, which connects national and international operators. The ring connecting the two data centers delivers geographically distributed disaster recovery services. The storage infrastructure is built on an S3 object storage architecture that gives high reliability and virtually unlimited storage capacity. StorEasy relies on a team of specialists and partners across the country to provide expert support for integration of our cloud solutions with customers’ infrastructure.

The cooling system was implemented using the tried and tested cool and hot corridor scheme. The racks containing the computing and storage systems are in a completely closed building with sliding doors allowing access to technical staff. The cooling effect of the air is optimized and only directed at the front of the cabinets, while the hot air generated at the back of devices is removed by air-conditioning units, cooled, purified and reintroduced into the floating floor before starting a fresh cooling cycle in the corridors.

  • The floor has no barriers or canalization that might compromise the fluid dynamic effects ensuring smooth circulation to all ventilation shafts.
  • The electricity cabling is fitted above the computer rooms, with steel walkways over the data center ceiling to make it easier for technicians to intervene.
  • A redundant cooling circuit runs along the whole perimeter of the data center reaching all the direct expansion units (or AC units) to provide a further guarantee.
  • The outer walls of the data center are built in materials to prevent intrusion and the propagation of fire.

StorEasy offers a wide choice of connectivity solutions

StorEasy works with the biggest connectivity operators, so we can choose the best solution in terms of reliability, performance, security and cost for our customers. If clients wish, StorEasy can manage this directly with the operator on their behalf.
StorEasy has multiple backbone interconnections to ensure continuity of service even in the event of simultaneous interruptions. Besides the public internet connection, we have XDSL, Ethernet Line, GbE and Wireless connectivity, terminated directly on StorEasy backbones, allowing direct access to data center resources without going through the public internet. Each type of connectivity can be part of a specific VRF MPLS assigned to a customer to integrate different operators and technologies in a single MPLS cloud. The operators’ transport hubs are geographically distributed so that access to the public network is available from different locations. All the carriers have a scalable infrastructure that can grow inside the data center in line with customers’ demands for internet access or for dedicated single-project connections.

Data center support services

Power supply, power continuity and cooling services are located in a purpose-built three-storey building. Each floor houses a specific area of service: power transformer cabinet on the ground floor, continuity groups (UPS) on the first floor and the cooling system on the second floor. Each of the service components is engineered to ensure maximum redundancy. The physical separation of the building from the data center provides a greater safeguard in the event of a fault which otherwise might spread to the data center. Each floor is isolated to prevent flames propagating in the event of a fire.


Cooling system

Cooling of the data center is achieved through two chiller systems, each one with redundant components. Both chillers are located on the roof of the services building. On the top floor of the building is a power accumulator with an autonomy of 9 hours if both chillers fail.

Power supply and power continuity

The power supply system is built to ensure continuity of service to all networking devices, servers, storage units and systems in the data center. Mains electricity is transformed on the ground floor of the services building using an N+1 redundancy configuration. The data center is connected to a highly redundant system of continuity groups. In the event of a power interruption, two 1,250 Kw diesel electricity generators kick in. Below the two generators is a 20,000-litre tank of diesel which guarantees an autonomy of 36 hours, with strict SLAs on tank refills.

Fire prevention

The data center is equipped with a fire detection system based on fume aspiration and laser sampling. The fire extinction system is active in both the data center and the service building, based on total saturation of the environment with inert gas, in this case Argon IG-01.

Data center access control and video-surveillance

Access to the data center is through two interlocking security doors like those used in banks which can only be opened by an RFID badge or biometrics. Only authorized employees have access to the data center or the various floors of the service building. The doors allow entry to one person at a time and record their weight. The data center and services building are fitted with CCTV and kept under constant surveillance.

Monitoring service infrastructure

All services and infrastructure designed to ensure business continuity in the data center are subject to continual monitoring to check the condition of each component and notify devices upstream or downstream of any point of failure.

Data center quality and certifications

The data center is UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified for the flows and technologies to safeguard the integrity of the data. It also earned two Good Practice qualifications, namely: Good Information Systems Practice (GISP) and Good Information Technology Practice (GITP).

StorEasy is ideal for organizations looking for a simple enterprise solution to archive, protect and save their data with outstanding prices, performance and safeguards